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Little Laughing One

A man in a long tan overcoat and striped sweater observed the weathered page of my mole skin. His face tightened into a perplexed expression; ”no capiche,no capiche.” After several minutes of explaining without resolve he waved his hand to follow him. While we walked he did not speak a word, and I became slightly paranoid until we came to the entrance of Gubbio’s museum. The man talked to a women behind the desk. She listened and then looked surprised when she saw my face.

“You’re the man that helped us yesterday?” she questioned.

“Yes, did you get all the pieces in?“ I asked.

“Yes thank you for that,” she said.

We discussed the formalities and my project. I brought the stranger I met in the street to the hanging garden and then to the largest wine barrel in Italy for more pictures. The museum was small it housed hundreds of pieces most notably Eugubine tablets. I went back to the desk. Two young girls were there giggling with the rest of the staff. The woman thanked me for yesterday again and gave me card from the museum. I asked if anyone else wanted a photo before I left, and she talked to the two giggling girls. They looked at each other assuredly with broad smiles and ran to the balcony. The balcony of the museum overlooked out to the grande piazza and ancient Roman theatre. I pointed to my face and forced dramatic pensive expression for them to replicate. They pushed and teased each other clearly looking at the lens. After separating them, the other began too goof around on the outside of the frame. Her friend summoned all her might before falling back into her fit of laughter.



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